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  • Stolen Merchandise

    Just wanted to ask my fellow Bowhunting Community to be on the lookout for my stuff.
    1.Mathews Mq32 bow with a Truglow Razor sight, doinker silencer, custom floresent orange and green string, Easton drop away rest with Simmons Tube quiver, 6 gold tip arrows with broadheads. bow has deer track stickers on limbs. Stolen from personal vehicle in Diamonhead community.... Report was filed..... The punk thieves were caught but my stuff is nowhere to be found! The gear is in excellent shape! If you see this gear please let me know. Chances are slim but just keep me in mind................
    Sorry to hear it
    Man that really stinks. At least they got caught. Will keep an eye out for it.
    Watch the local pawn shops...They tend to pawn bows often.
    Ur Bow
    A lot of Bows are being Sold on in the classified I don't know whether your a member but you should sign up and start a thread there is a thread in the bowhunting forum entitled Mississippi Bowhunters --Just a thought , good they caught the guy , that bow sounds like its one of a kind somebody knows where it is unless it was dumped or buried somewheres etc... GoodLuck Hope You Find Your Bow -will keep my ears open
    Man I really hate to hear that, but I will keep an eye out for one of that description at the shop.. Good luck