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  • MDWFP archery forum closing

    Just wondering where everyone is gonna post since the forum closing. Gonna miss all the helpful info. Any MDWFP archery forum folks here?
    I was a member of there message board. So you can count me as one, but others have moved here and once people get the post rolling here more will join in. Getting momentum on a message board is hard to do trust me. You visit a board and see no messages so you leave. So the big get bigger and a newer board with few members has a hard time getting people to post.

    There isn't any ONE place though. The drop came pretty quickly at at dead time of the year so I am sure there are a bunch of people that still don't even know that it is closed. The advance notice was only a week or less and that message is just one announcement that you might not ever read. There was a bunch of talk on the board about diffent places to go but all of those post got deleted for some reason when the board got locked.

    I can tell you that we are trying to offer members from MDWP website a better alternative. This message board you are looking at right now was rolled out on an advance schedule just so it would have a look and feel that is closer to what MDWFP members were use to. That shows commitment right there.

    Also to do that everyone that was already here has to resign up I believe.

    Regardless though this site is going to one to watch imho. Just take a look at the home page and you will see that this site is going to be worth bookmarking just for the articles and such that are continuously being put online.

    So welcome aboard from another MDWFP member.