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  • Coyote Pics

    Got a couple of big coyotes on trail cam. There are from January.
    I kill coyotes when I deer hunt
    When I deer hunt I kill coyotes so we can reduce preditor population.I have killed six coyotes sense I have been deer hunting. I have killed two bobcats and got them mounted.
    long time
    It has been a long time since I remember seeing a coyote. I see a bobcat more years than not. Occasionally two in a year. But coyotes man I know they are there. I see their scat and tracks, but I rarely see one.

    I shot one with my bow a few years ago. 6 or 7 years???? And I don't think I have seen one since.

    I have hunted this property for decades and I have only seen a few. I am not over run with them like some places but man, I know they are around. You would think they would be seen more often.
    Predator hunters
    I love to hunt coyotes due to the fact they kill so many young deer etc.. But if there are any predator hunters reading this they should check the MDWF and contact their commisioner of there region. They are passing a law where we can no longer hunt at night unless on land that is deeded in your name. Coyotes cause alot of harm to the deer and turkeys and now that not many people trap they are becoming abundant.