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  • Size of Hot?

    New to hog hunting. Put up trail camera in Pascagoula river swamps for deer and got this picture. My son wants to put an arrow in it. I would prefer a 308. Can anyone estimate the size of this one from the picture? We hunt deer with bow and gun, but are new to hog hunting.
    Looks to be sizeable, Long Bow. A .308 would definitely take it out safely. A bow would do the job, but I'd want ot be up a tree when I shot it. Nothing like an angry hog to turn ruin an otherwise great stalk.

    When you boys pop it, be sure and let us see photos.
    Size of hog
    That hog should be close to 300#'s. Better use the 308 right behind the ear.
    Where was this
    I am also looking to get my son into Hog Hunting. Roughly where was this in the P'goula WMD?

    Did you go back hunting, can you give us an update?