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  • Well the day started off as misserable as it could get just wet and cold. It had been raining for the past two days. but around 10A.M. I decided to go out and ride around for a bit. Well around 10:30 A.M. the rain had slacked off. I thought well maybe if it stays like this it would be a good evening to hunt. So i headed to the area where i was going to hunt. I got ready and started off in the woods. First thing i noticed as i turned off the fire break headed down beside the creek, was a rub line. First thing i thought yea theres a nice buck in here. As i walking trying to find a tree to climb with my climber. I caught something out the corner of my eye. I looked and a nice 8pt was walking right to me from the creek. Well no doubt about it i stuck out like a sore thumb he new i wasnt suppose to be there. So he got a little nurves and turned and walked back down the creek. I grunted a few times and snort wheezed at him before he got out of sight and it turned him around on a dime. He couldnt take it. He started up the hill to me. then started goin down wind of me and i just new he was gonna wind me. But not before i get off a shot i thought to myself. well needless to say i shot right over his back at 45yrds. Kinda hurt and gut sick wanting to go home at that point. but i decided to stick around and hunt. Its was only 11:30 A.M. anyways. After sitting in the tree for about two hours i decided to grunt a little and sure enough had a nice buck come in from behind me but as luck would have it he winded me. I just knew this wasnt my day to be hunting. But im stubburn and love hunting more than anything so i kept sitting. There wasnt much action for awhile just a few birds around. The temperature was dropping off i could feel it. my toes and hands were gettin cold. I was already wet from the rain. What a misserable day to be hunting i thought. But i know deer move in the rain and so do big bucks. Well it was approaching 3 P.M. and i was lookin around. just got me a pinch of snuff, and im sure most of you are thinking dipping in the stand deer can smell that. Well maybe they can but it doesnt bother them. I have had deer walk right under me where i was spitting or peeing and they never once stopped to think about it. I think they think its just another animal or something, not humans. But I was looking around and noticed a doe off to my left at about 80 yards. she was just standing there. then i noticed movement behind a tree and all i could see was horns. I knew what was up then. He came in following her, pushing her hindend with his antlers and licking her. He even mounted her twice before they got in range. But they came in at about 30 yards. Shacking so bad i thought i was gonna fall off my climber. But i picked a spot where they were gonna walk past. It was the only opening i had through the oaks. when he stepped into it i whistled one time to stop him and took the shot. After the shot i noticed i hit him high or so i thought. I made a few phone calls to friends and family. got down went and put everything up by the car. gave the deer a good 40 minutes to lay. He ran maybe a 100 yards from where i shot him. It was a perfect dubble lung shot. He was an old 4 , 4 1/2 old deer. good mass 17 wide, 20 inch beams, 9 inch tines with a kicker on his right G2. the deer field dressed at 145lbs. truely a blessing and monster buck in my book.

    December 10, 2011 at 3:12pm
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