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  • While everyone else decided to stay in and watch the saints playoff game vs the Seahawks, I decided to go and take one more chance at a big buck at a friends camp in Copiah County. I had previously discovered a small area of 'bushes', that offered a great natural ground blind, in an an area that had been cleared out but not planted. My friend had taken a nice buck earlier in the day at another location on the property and we knew the bucks were in chase mode. While walking to the blind I sprayed some doe estrus in a few locations. I settled in just as the game was starting and texted my wife to send me score updates. At about 4:30pm i heard a buck nearby make a nice deep grunt. I grunted back a few times, but nothing appeared. It got to be close to the end of shooting time and i decided to start picking up my scent cones in the growth around me. It sounded like the saints were making a comeback and if I hurried back maybey I could catch the end of the game ... and then he appeared in the middle of the field. I could tell he was a big body deer but he was too far to see horns. As with most deer hunting scenarios I was caught off guard, and the buck fever was kicking in. I picked up my rifle and was able to determine he was a nice 8 pt. I was leaning the rifle against some of the branches within the bush and i could feel myself start to shake a little with the excitement. Actually, I think I was shaking a little too much because it seemed like the entire bush was shaking. I thought for sure the big fella would question the fact that a single bush was moving around when the wind had died down. Any other time of the hunting season all I would have seen at that point was his rear end going off into the thicket. To my surprise, he was fixated on the doe estrus I had put down and didnt leave. I composed my nerves and made the shot. I heard him crash about 15 yards from where he was and I knew he was down. Success. With the adrenaline still high, I dragged him out the thicket and put a call back into my friend to come and give me a hand. It was family weekend and I had my wife and little girl with me back at the camp. While she was too young to venture out with me for the hunt, my daughter was able to experience the joy of getting a great Mississippi whitetail back to the camp. Althoug we didnt get a Saints win, we all reveled in the success of the days hunt. As I get back to reality and work mode, I realize that the big guys mistake was one of nature and his instincts during the rut. Only when they are chasing - can you take him in the shaking bush.

    January 13, 2014 at 11:36am
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