Cranka Crab

Cranka Crab

Sheepshead fishing is part fun, part frustration, and one of the frustrations comes from the fish’s ability to steal your bait before you know it. The main bait of choice among sheepshead anglers is a live fiddler crab. And catching the crabs, keeping them alive, and constantly rebaiting with them is no fun, and it’s time-consuming.

But sheepshead anglers finally have a viable artificial alternative, and it’s one of the hottest artificial lures on the market today. The fine details make the Cranka Crab look as life-like as the real thing, and the unique hook placement (one treble hook on each of the floating claws) means a much higher hookup rate for anglers.

As the body of the fake fiddler either sits on the bottom, sinks, or rests in the water column, depending on the angler’s intentions, the claws float upward, dancing and swaying in the current to entice the sheepshead into their own undoing. No need to set the hook; just lift the rod, then reel.

The lure is available in two sizes and many different color variations.


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