Fish Lab Bio Minnow

Soft-plastic swimbaits are a big hit with freshwater and saltwater anglers. They work well, and almost every brand is the spitting image of all the rest.

But that’s not true with the Fish Lab Bio Minnow. This weedless swimbait bucks the minimalist trend of a slender body with a big tail. This one has the action-producing tail, but it also has a dorsal fin, as well as all the other fins a real baitfish has. And they aren’t just for looks. These fins shimmy and shiver at even the slowest retrieve speeds. The lure has big eyes, too, which are magnets for predatory gamefish.

This lure is at home in open water, but is just as effective when reeled through heavy cover, whether that’s grass lines, cypress knees, or downed trees. When rigged with a screw-lock, weighted swimbait hook, it’s great for skipping under docks or low-hanging tree limbs along banks. This lure comes in three sizes and four colors, so you can match the hatch at your favorite fishing hole.

The Fish Lab Bio Minnow ranges in price from $7.99 to $8.99 a pack.

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