Stacked Ladder Climbing Sticks

These portable, sturdy steps are easy to pack in and out of the woods

Some landowners frown on hunters putting anything metal in a tree trunk, like pegs or screw-in steps that are most-often used to help climb to a lock on-style stand well off the ground. The alternative used to be long, clunky metal ladder sections that were a real pain to tote into the woods, on your back or on the back of an ATV.

No longer. Earlier this summer, Louisiana’s Stacked Outdoors debuted it’s Stacked Ladder Climbing Sticks, a set of four lightweight ladder sticks that can be strapped to a tree trunk in sections, allowing hunters to climb up to 20 feet up on a solid set of steps.

The sticks are molded in single pieces, four of which come per set. They fit together like plastic stacking cups and come with a carry strap that allows hunters to easily haul them into the woods — especially since a set weighs less than 10 pounds. The step sections are 21 inches long, with 17 inches between steps, and each comes with a strap that fastens it to the tree trunk.

MSRP for a set is $149.

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