Vasque’s SAGA GT Boots

Vasque’s SAGA GT Boots

Hiking boots aren’t hunting boots, and hunting boots aren’t hiking boots. So what happens when you need both, when you’ve got a long, long hike to your deer stand, and you have no ATV?

Vasque’s new SAGA GT boots might just fit the bill perfectly. A division of Red Wing Shoe Company, Vasque’s offering in the hiking/backpacking market is an extremely comfortable boot that has what a lot of boots don’t: great room in the toe area. Made for hiking in rugged, rocky terrain, the SAGA model has plenty of GORE-TEX insulation for cold weather and molded ventilation ports for all-weather comfort. They weigh 2 ounces short of 2 pounds and are an extremely comfortable boot. If you’ve got a mile walk to your deer stand and you don’t have an ATV, they might be just the ticket for you. MSRP is $229.

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