Wildlife biologist and WMA manager of the year

Biologist of the Year: Brad Holder

Brad Holder has been with MDWFP for 12 years and currently serves as Regional WMA Biologist for six WMAs in the Northwest Region of Mississippi. His expertise, high-level of work ethic, and dedication have led him to become a great leader and example of a WMA Regional Biologist. This past year, Holder worked toward reclaiming the “goosepond,” and initiated moist-soil management and water-level monitoring at the Greentree Reservoir at Malmaison WMA. He also completed numerous erosion control roadwork projects and saw to the completion of the new headquarters compound and fence at Charles Ray Nix WMA.

WMA Manager of the Year: Michael Cleveland

Michael Cleveland serves as manager for Canal Section WMA and John Bell WMAs. This past year, Cleveland saw the completion of an eight-mile road through the heart of the WMA. This area had been lost to damage created by beavers. Today the road is used almost daily to ease access for trapping and habitat management. Local hunters have praised the efforts of the project. Cleveland also has been essential in trapping more than 150 beavers at Canal and John Bell WMAs and spent numerous days walking drains and sloughs checking for beaver signs or damage in an effort to save and restore hardwood timber in the bottomlands of the Tombigbee River. He also made numerous upgrades, equipment modifications, and repairs that were instrumental for WMA activities.

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