What about bots in squirrels?

Hunters rarely get a clean shot such as this, but when two are hunting together, pulling a vine or shaking a limb can force a squirrel to move and make a fatal error.

Bot Fly infestations affect squirrels and other mammals such as cattle and deer. Perhaps because of a squirrel’s size, the bot just seems larger and can be a turnoff to many hunters.

Bots are gross critters, but they pose no danger to the squirrel or — just as importantly — to humans who eat the meat of squirrels that have bots.

Bots live under the skin of the host, making it to the bots’ advantage that the host remains healthy.

In most situations, the onset of cold weather causes the bot larva to leave the host, hence the staggered seasons starts north to south that we had in the past.

Now, since squirrel season opens statewide before the first frost, hunters frequently encounter them. Remember, the infestation looks bad, but has no impact on the meat of the squirrel.

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