Catfish are a little less active in the winter, but more than willing to hit a properly placed bait. Here’s how to take advantage of the opportunities.

The No. 1 recipe for catfish stink bait

Robert “Kud” Stevenson of Tallulah, La., shares the steps to making his homemade catfish stink bait recipe. […]

Garlic chicken is top catfish bait

The hands-down favorite bait for catfishing on the Mississippi River is skipjack herring. Herring are usually plentiful but get harder to find when winter rolls around. […]

The best tactic for more catfish

Back trolling is a good technique for putting catfish in the boat, and with the right tools it is a pretty easy procedure. […]

Cleaning monster catfish

Derek Logan’s method of cleaning giant catfish — those over 25 pounds — produces beautiful chunks of boneless, snow-white meat. […]

Catfish Hotspot Series: No gamble at Tunica

Using the old oxbow Tunica Lake as a base, Mississippi River fishermen have a sure bet on cold-water catfish action. […]

Catfish Hotspot Series: Mississippi River monsters

In Bolivar County, a man known as Radish shares his secrets to producing giant Missisippi River blue catfish. […]

Columbus Lake whiskers – How, when and where to catch catfish on this lake.

Local expert Joey Pounders gives the 411 on how and where to catch catfish at Columbus Lake on the Tenn-Tom Waterway. […]

Winter King ­— Tips for fishing for trophy winter catfish

Big catfish don’t disappear when water temperatures plummet, and this longtime Pickwick Lake guide knows exactly where and how to catch them. […]