Put your hitch ball on TV

When hooking up to your boat trailer, how many times do you have to get out of your tow vehicle and walk back to check on the stormy relationship between its hitch ball and the trailer’s coupler? […]


Turkey regulations

WMAs & national forests: Not all national forest land is part of a wildlife management area. Forest service lands outside WMAs can be hunted without a $15 annual WMA Permit, and statewide season structure is followed. A proper license is required.  […]

Freshwater Fishing

What is a reader bream

So what is a redear? It is a panfish and cousin of the more common bluegill.

While the bluegill is named for the powder-blue edges of its gill cover lobe, the redear is named for the bright edges of its lobe, which can range from a dull orange to a bright red. […]

Bass Fishing

Best fishing tackle for shallow crankbaits

When Brock Mosley gears up for shallow cranking in April, he makes sure his boat has plenty of his favorite square-bills.

“I like the new Bagley Rattling Killer B square-bill that’s similar to the original ones, but this one is made out of plastic and has rattles in it, too,” Mosley said. […]

Bass Fishing

Making of an Elite pro

Brock Mosley was more connected to the fishing world than most aspiring anglers, with his father Danny owning a Ranger dealership in Collinsville during the young fisherman’s formative years.  […]

Freshwater Fishing

Pull crankbaits for post-spawn crappie

After spawning, crappie on Lake Pickwick make their way out of the shallow areas and head for mid-range flats where they recover from the spawn and start feeding heavily on baitfish that are also transitioning to deeper water.  […]