Deer Hunting

Pressure Cooker

Mississippi deer hunters are blessed in many ways. To begin with, we have an extremely long season when compared to other states — Oct. 1-Jan. 31, except for Zone 2, which doesn’t close until Feb. 15. […]


New rules mean less smoke, more thrill

Deer hunting with primitive weapons has been radically redefined. Actually the new ruling took effect in the 2005-06 hunting season, so this will be its third year in force. Hunters are still just learning what the provision is and what it means to deer hunters looking for an alternative to blackpowder rifles for our two special primitive weapons seasons in December and January plus on into February in the Zone 2 southeast section of the state. […]


Time to consider changing to LEDs

The lights on your trailer are your boat’s first line of defense against collisions. Running lights show other drivers that you have a boat behind you when towing in the dark. Brake lights and turn signals can help keep tail-gating drivers from turning your stainless steel prop into a hood ornament, night or day. That is, of course, if your trailer lights work. […]


Dam Ducks!

Every duck hunter in Mississippi, and most duck hunters in the nation, believe that if they’ve lived good, sportsmen-like lives and have close relationships with God, they’ll get permission to hunt at Beaver Dam before they die. […]


Southern Snow Storm

The surroundings were surreal. A small shack sat hard against a dirt road adjacent to a huge grain field that had been harvested and left to lie until spring farming operations began anew. A cold north wind battered the mud and stubble, and toyed with a single light bulb that dangled from a cord under the tiny porch of that shack. The bulb cast eerie shadows at varying angles as it swayed randomly with each gust. […]