Deer Dynamics: Post-Rut

Exhaustion sets in, forcing the battle-scarred buck to seek refuge. An eye is wounded, and missing fur and cuts prevail all around its face and neck. Finally, the worn buck returns to an old bedding site. Here it beds down, and within minutes, the whitetail knocks out. […]

Deer Hunting

In his own words: Rocky LaGrone’s 165-inch Claiborne County buck

The damp of the January morning (on Jan. 14) drove straight to the bone and clung like steel traps, much colder than the dry snow and sub-freezing temperatures I’d left behind near Saratoga Springs, N.Y., the day before.

But then, that’s the way it’s always been down South – a cold that courses your body; one that numbs the toes and finger tips, tortures any exposed surfaces and makes the sway of an errant limb feel like the lash of an angry whip. I know the pain of Southern cold ever so well: I grew up in Shreveport, La., just about 200 miles east of where I was creeping Indian style through the undergrowth of Claiborne County. […]

Deer Hunting

155-inch buck with double main beam killed in Amite County

Wayne McAndrew stumbled across a piece of Amite County property available for lease in August 2009, and jumped at the chance to start his own club.

While the tract of land only encompassed 450 acre, McAndrew soon knew he had made the right decision.

“The first or second week of bow season, my buddy (Brad Balado) actually got a picture way on the other side of the lease of this buck,” the Louisiana hunter said. “Our jaws dropped when we saw the picture.” […]

Deer Hunting

Mahannah produces trophy buck

Eddie Peterson had made the drive from Waveland to Mahanna Wildlife Management Area for a draw hunt, but hadn’t had much luck until they ran across another hunter who had killed a pretty nice deer.

“He didn’t tell us, ‘Go here,’ but he told us a general area to go to,” Peterson said.

So during the mid-day lull on Dec. 16, the hunter and his buddies eased in to find stand sites. […]


Know and Go

At my age I have just about broken all of my bad habits. I don’t smoke anymore (except for an occasional cigar at deer camp), don’t drink much either (well, maybe just a beer or two with my brother on fishing trips), no drugs at all (not counting a handful of prescription meds everyday), definitely don’t hang out at honky-tonks all night, and I no longer deer hunt at daybreak. […]


Time in the Woods

Theresa Edmonson scanned the surrounding winter wonderland in search of a deer. As her keen eyes probed the timber edge searching for bits and pieces of any deer, she spotted movement. Could this be the deer she was looking for? […]


Public Patronage

Mississippi may have too many public land locations for hunting white-tailed bucks. Bet you never heard that statement made before. And you’re probably thinking where in the world did this guy come up with that one? […]


Eight Best Buck Counties

Larry Reece scanned spacious openings from his elevated stand one day during the 2001 Mississippi Primitive Arms deer season. His Knight muzzleloader was at ready as he spotted a big buck 150 yards distant. He made some grunts on his Hunters’ Specialty grunt tube. […]


Handmade and Deadly

Adam Stewart scoured the surrounding woods in search of a deer, and marveled at the splendor of it all.The young hunter had joined his Uncle Bobby Pinkham for his first bow hunt, which took place in Lauderdale County. Though Stewart didn’t think he would like bowhunting, he finally gave in to his uncle’s pleadings. […]