HPR Ammunition

HPR (High Precision Range) is now opening their doors to national distribution of their ammunition. With the latest equipment, hand inspection and attention to detail, HPR is aiming to give shooters the confidence of safety and consistent accuracy between shots. […]

Inshore Fishing

MirrOlure Lil John

Available in fourteen popular color patterns, the MirrOlure Lil John Twitchbait is the latest addition to MirrOlure’s popular soft plastic product line. Its special tube shaped body allows for great action and unmatched casting distance. […]


Crappie Hotspot Series: Lake Washington

The next stop on the Mississippi Sportsman Crappie Hotspot Series tour is Lake Washington. Located approximately 25 miles south of Greenville on Highway 1, Washington is a closed-off oxbow of the Mississippi River; as such, fluctuations in the river don’t affect the lake in the same way as other oxbows, making it a unique fishery among Delta lakes. […]


GLOCK Gen4 Models

GLOCK is introducing three new models to the Gen4 pistol family for 2012. The G21 (.45 Auto), G32 (.357) and G34 (9X19) Gen4 models come with three different grip options, enabling the pistol to adapt to each individual shooter’s hand size, and the original recoil spring has been replaced with a dual recoil spring assembly, which noticeably reduces felt recoil. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Crappie fishing notes

Veteran angler Jimmy Chambers of Hollandale grew up fishing Lake Washington for bream and crappie and jug fishing for catfish. Deemed a closed-off oxbow, Washington differs from most open-end oxbows like Chotard and Albemarle that directly fluctuate with the Mississippi River. Chambers says that to understand crappie fishing on Washington, you need to understand two things — water levels and cypress trees. […]


Nature’s Vacuum Cleaner

A serious dog man will sink thousands of dollars into the right hound. Coon hunters are especially proud of good bloodlines, and go to great measures to protect their hounds. Micro-chip implants, ear tattoos, GPS tracking collars, food, vaccinations and the like become a huge investment. So when a hound gets injured for any reason, it becomes a big deal. […]


Underwater eyes

Underwater video cameras have been around for decades without gaining the popularity they deserve. They have always delivered decent picture detail, but the older cathode ray tube (CRT) screens used by earlier models suffered visibility problems from glare and grayed out in bright sunlight. […]

Bass Fishing

Tandem-rigged baits serve targeted purposes

How quick are you on the follow-up cast? Can you reel up the first rod, grab a different one and drop a new bait at the point of a missed strike in, say, 10 seconds? A little less? No matter your speed — and assuming you can do it with accuracy — you simply won’t present a follow-up bait faster than a tandem rig. […]