Inshore Fishing

Bass Kandi’s Coastal Crippler

Mike “Redbone” Holland of Ragley, who owns Bass Kandi Baits — a Southwest Louisiana artificial lure manufacturing company specializings in soft plastics — and his 11-year-old son Payton were deer hunting the week before Christmas near Kerrville, Texas. […]


Is there an electric outboard in your future?

We fishermen have seen all-electric boats come and go, but most of these vessels have been small, slow and had limited carrying capacity that make them best suited to ponds or protected lakes.

Electric outboard motors with from five to 10 horsepower are available from several makers, and electric primary propulsion outboard motor systems for open utility and pontoon boats have long been available from manufacturers like Minn Kota and Torqeedo. […]

Bass Fishing

Bass run big at Pickwick

In February, you can catch some really big largemouths and smallmouths on Pickwick Lake in the northeastern corner of the state. Toward the end of the month, the bass will start staging to move into the creeks and up on the flats for the spawn. […]

Deer Hunting

Deer management

So even after four months of open seasons on white-tailed deer you still haven’t had enough? You started bow hunting the first of October and wrapped up final seasons in January for the Delta and Hill zones with the last primitive weapons, archery and crossbow seasons. […]

Bass Fishing

Spring Kiss ­— Best tips for spring bass-fishing success on Okhissa Lake

Angling for Florida strain largemouth bass has always been something of a challenge. When the big sows get on the bed that challenge is multiplied in spades by the fickleness of the female.

Many bass anglers have watched as the their baits are carried away by females, but hook-sets only result in baits flying back toward the anglers with the ferocity of an angry bird.

The United States Forest Service has only a few fishing lakes in Mississippi. Of those, Okhissa Lake near Bude has to be considered the crown jewel. […]