DIY Flounder Light

Capt. Ronnie Daniel’s DIY flounder light is extremely easy and inexpensive to make, is lightweight and has a long battery life. […]


Flounder gigging is starting to heat up

Two white circles of light moved across the calm water guided by figures barely distinguishable against the dark horizon. The only sound was an occasional car driving down Beach Boulevard in Pascagoula until… a loud WOOHOO! broke the silence. […]


Flounder Fanatic

Available in two different styles, the Bottom and the Jig, Flounder Fanatics puts the odds in the fisherman’s favor. The Flounder Fanatic Bottom comes in two weights (¾-ounce and 1½-ounce) and uses a lead body and a specially bent sideways hook so it better fits the flounder’s sideways mouth. […]