Part of Barnett Reservoir closed to boating

Acting on the advice of aquatic vegetation experts, the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District declared an emergency related to the outbreak of the invasive plant giant salvinia and closed the Pelahatchie Bay area of Barnett Reservoir to all public boating. […]

Bass Fishing

October bass at Bogue Homa

My October pick is one of the best fall bassing lakes in Mississippi is shallow, 882-acre Lake Bogue Homa with its several feeder creeks near Laurel. October is when the baitfish start moving out of deeper water and into shallow grass, vegetation and lily pads, with the bass following. Bass realize they need to put on weight for the cold weather that’s coming.  […]

Bass Fishing

Fish for Bogue Homa post-spawn bass in April

April is a post-spawn bass month at Bogue Homa. The females will be coming off the bed, and they’ll want to feed up to help recover from the spawn. But they will still will be holding fairly close to the spawning area in shallow water. […]