Deer Hunting

Last-ditch efforts can pay dividends

It’s panic time in the deer woods. The palms of the hands go damp like they did on prom night. A chill runs down the back causing shivers to ripple up and down the spine. This makes one think a Nor’wester is about to blow in just to spit ice in the face for an insult. […]


The Woof-Woof Buck

Just when you think you’ve heard it or seen it all when it comes to deer hunting, somebody comes up with a whole new twist or trick. Some folks even within the marketing industry working within the hunting sports say there really is nothing new, just simply the same old stuff, renamed, repackaged and rolled out in a new ad campaign. […]


Tuscolameta HC: Then and now

Located in Leake County where the Tuscolameta River empties into the Pearl River about five miles outside Carthage, Tuscolameta Hunting Club is a multiple-use, 4,000-acre camp offering its 60 members a broad array of hunting, fishing, camping and swimming activities. […]

Bass Fishing

Do tourney bass disperse after weigh-in?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hal Schramm, a resident of Starkville, is a professor at Mississippi State University and leader of the USGS Mississippi Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. He has done fisheries research for 30 years, and has been an avid multi-species angler longer than that. His column on freshwater fisheries will appear monthly. […]