Long-Distance Operator

Joe Poole had been cooling his heels in his truck for much of the day last Jan. 13, watching a huge bean field that was literally full of deer. It was four days after a major snowfall, and the cold weather had deer up and moving. […]

Deer Hunting

Scoping it out

Joe Poole is nothing if not consistent. While shooters will tell you glass is much more important than the rifle on which it sits, Poole has found it unnecessary to spend big money on a scope. […]


Duck hunting potholes

Virtually all of the waterfowl hunting done in Tallahatchie County with Catfish Flautt is over small water-holding areas and assorted water resources duck hunters have always referred to as potholes. These “open waters” are not lake size by any means; potholes can be everything from a small depression in a field of corn or soybeans to a low-lying area along a creek, bayou or slough. […]

Deer Hunting

Stability a must

Making long shots absolutely requires a rock-solid shooting platform.

“No person is going to free-hand one and hit one, that’s for sure,” Joe Poole said. “I’ve never shot a deer free-hand past 250 yards and hit it, and that was when I was young.” […]

Freshwater Fishing

Bonus Spot

Even with the numerous natural brush in Ross Barnett, savvy crappie anglers continue to build man-made cover in the lake — and they continue to catch fish on them. As national tournament anglers, Brad Chappell and Bo Hudson are fortunate to include Moss Back Fish Racks as one of their sponsors. […]