Clean your displays inside and out

Who hasn’t mistaken the shadow of a water spot on an LCD screen for a fish, waypoint or radar target? Or was it a smear of sunscreen lotion or insect repellent left by a fingertip? Hopefully it wasn’t a permanent scratch, crack, craze or other scar.

And the growing popularity of touch screens in marine electronics is increasing the hand-screen contact problem. […]

Bass Fishing

Is it too hot for bass in July?

I’ve heard many an angler bemoan the summer months for fishing in Mississippi. I mean, there is no escaping that the atmospheric conditions usually prevailing this time of year in terms of the ambient temperature, as well as the humidity (which can be the worst of the two comfort factors), keep many fishermen at the house under the air conditioning. […]

Deer Hunting

Taking up residence

It’s no longer a surprise to see deer in town.

“When I drove up Interstate 55 just north of Jackson where the highway merges with I-220, I saw four bucks standing beside the road,” James Bennett said. “This is right in Madison County. It was just a miracle that the deer I saw were not hit on the highway. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Bluegill Spawning

Bream, sunfish, bluegill — call them what you will. There are many species of sunfish, and bream include different sunfish among different anglers. This is about bluegill. […]

As Big As they Grow

The Rez cranking out crappie

Summer crappie fishing can be challenging. It’s hot, the bugs are out, the fish seem content not biting your best lure, there are lots of “weekender” boaters and jet skis everywhere, and did I mention it’s hot? On the other hand, smart crappie fishermen use what summer gives us to our advantage. […]