Bumping for cats

Catfish tactics have come a long and varied path from the days of just casting out lines and waiting for ol’ whisker-face to come strolling along. From trolling to casting, even getting in the water and noodling for them, catfish are becoming a more popular target. […]


How to fish the Santee catfish rig

Larger catfish, particularly trophy-sized blue cats that are popular with a lot of anglers, are a lot more nomadic than most anglers give them credit. These fish have been compared to cattle, just wandering along travel corridors, grazing as they move from place to place. […]

Bass Fishing

Cool Carolina tubing tips

Chucky Hamrick is a fan of the magnum tubes in the summer, but not in the traditional sense.

“I like to Carolina-rig tubes,” Hamrick said. “I’ll use the magnum tubes on a Carolina rig and put rattles in them, and they’ll float higher and they mimic small shad. Sometimes a slow-falling tube will be just what a bass needs to entice it into biting. […]