Off-road hybrids

Anybody who runs a boat with a gas engine on the back and an electric motor on the front is familiar with the gas-electric hybrid concept. When you want to be silent and not breathe engine exhaust, you run the electric motor. […]


Crappie Hotspot Series – Enid Lake

An ad on the back page of a magazine touted a particular brand of crankbait as “the newest and hottest tactic on the water.” In the ad, a young crappie-fishing guide wearing a NASCAR-style fishing jersey emblazoned with sponsors displays a slab crappie while the images of the crankbait in hot pink and neon chartreuse colors fills the background. All the “new” hype over catching crappie on crankbaits makes Ken Franklin just smile. […]


Duce Rods

After building mostly custom rods for five years, Duce Rods is switching over to production rods with a twist. These unique rods were designed to decrease friction and allow for greater casting distance. […]