Get the picture?

Strangely enough, the reservoirs on our nation’s river systems were not originally constructed to give us places to fish; they were built to control traditional spring floods that destroyed crops and homes. […]

Deer Hunting

The DMAP Cooperator’s pay day

“One of the most frequently asked questions about joining the DMAP program is ‘what do we get out of it?” said Lann Wilf, the North Region Biologist. “It certainly is a fair question since we are asking these guys to spend an entire hunting season collecting data and sending it in for analysis.” […]

Deer Hunting

Pulling jawbones

As DMAP Cooperators will quickly learn, recording, delivering and assessing deer harvest data is crucial to program maintenance. Quality deer management cannot happen without essential data being collected and analyzed. Paramount among the deer harvest data fields is determining the ages of the deer taken on the DMAP property each season. […]

Deer Hunting

Contributions of doe harvests

Pitching the idea of harvesting antlerless deer is still a hard sell. In all the years of teaching hunter safety education even though as I counseled the participants that the course was not a “deer hunting” course, inevitably the discussions often turned to those subjects. […]