Wiley X Changeable series

The WX Vapor and Romer 3 join Wiley X, Inc.’s Changeable Series, which offers the ability to switch lenses in the field to best suit the environment, light conditions and situations. The WX Vapor is an extremely lightweight, shield-style sunglass that is comfortable, rugged and will remain in place through any kind of activity. The new Romer 3 is a full-frame, wraparound style design with a non-slip nose pad that ensures a secure fit and anti-fog lenses to maintain clear vision.


Bass Fishing

Day on the Lake: Kemper County Lake

Watching a bunch of boats blast off for a bass tournament was not what Steve Grace wanted to see when he pulled up to the ramp at Kemper County Lake, and it meant the fisherman would have to alter his plans on the 652-acre lake.



Reading DMAP data

Basically they want better deer hunting where they hunt. This usually translates into the desire to grow and harvest bigger bucks, balance their deer herd to achieve a better buck-doe ratio, increase deer observations and take more direct control over the management fate of the deer they hunt. Naturally this is often much more easily talked about than accomplished. Quality deer management takes time, and adherence to specific goals. It’s not for every deer manager, landowner, lease holder or deer club.