Bass Fishing

Three-pronged bass approach at Lake Okhissa

I’m concentrating on 1,075-acre Lake Okhissa this month, since it is home to plenty of vegetation and numbers of big bass. September often is a tricky month to fish for bass; baitfish are starting to move into shallow water — with bass following them — and the vegetation is breaking up some, which means more areas will be available to fish than in the summer. My favorite lures will be surface lures, frogs and punch baits. […]

Bass Fishing

Lake Okhissa for June bass

I’ll choose 1,075 acre Lake Okhissa near Bude, Mississippi, for June bass fishing. A Bill Dance Signature Lake in the Homochitto National Forest, Okhissa is deep and clear with plenty of hydrilla and dollar pads. The bass will be on their summer pattern, so I’ll be fishing a frog pattern and a flipping and pitching pattern. […]

Bass Fishing

Okhissa Lake a springtime favorite of Pete Ponds

Although it might not set up perfectly for his two favorite post-spawn bass patterns, Madison Bassmaster Elite Series pro Pete Ponds says Okhissa Lake in the Homochitto National Forrest just to the south of Bude off Highway 98 would be his first choice when looking for a lake to fish just to have fun and experiment with different patterns. […]

Bass Fishing

Spring Kiss ­— Best tips for spring bass-fishing success on Okhissa Lake

Angling for Florida strain largemouth bass has always been something of a challenge. When the big sows get on the bed that challenge is multiplied in spades by the fickleness of the female.

Many bass anglers have watched as the their baits are carried away by females, but hook-sets only result in baits flying back toward the anglers with the ferocity of an angry bird.

The United States Forest Service has only a few fishing lakes in Mississippi. Of those, Okhissa Lake near Bude has to be considered the crown jewel. […]

Bass Fishing

Find the big ones at Lake Okhissa

Lake Okhissa, a 1,100-acre lake tucked inside the Homochitto National Forest near Bude, is my December pick for bass fishing. A fairly new lake, Okhissa has plenty of deep water and flooded timber. The bass generally prefer to hold in the brush, especially in the winter months. When the water starts to get cold, the bass will begin grouping into bigger schools, as they move out to their winter habitat. […]