Deer Hunting

Get the best sight picture

The deer hunter flips up the collar of his fleece jacket to better protect his neck from the chilly, late-afternoon breeze, remaining alert, hoping that an unsuspecting doe will meander by before dark. Success would be two-pronged, as he needs venison for his freezer, and his camp needs a few more does harvested to reach the year’s quota. […]

Speckled Trout

Trout are always on topic

Alot of conversations on the Gulf Coast start with “Where’s the trout?” It’s a fun way to kick off a conversation, and everyone knows some tall tales are about to be spun. The truth typically comes out somewhere in the mix of boasting and sandbagging. […]

Bass Fishing

The foraging window

Bass aren’t picky eaters. What they eat boils down to a simple two-step rule: small enough to swallow, big enough to be worth eating. In other words, the forage needs to be within a certain size range, which I call the “foraging window.”  […]