Bass Fishing

Rapala Shadow Rap

Rapala last introduced a jerkbait around 2000.

The Finland artificial lure manufacturer got back in the swim of things in a resounding way, although it was a well-kept secret, during the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell near Greenville, S.C. […]


Portable power

The last time you were miles from anywhere, turned your boat’s ignition key and heard nothing, what did you do?

No, I mean after you ran through the appropriate part of your vocabulary. […]

Happy Trails

We’ve come a long way

The 2015 spring turkey season was, as of this writing, a total bust for me, as I have been neck-deep in the moving process to a new house that the wife and I have been building and dealing with for some months now. […]

Bass Fishing

The best of Neshoba’s beasts

Back in 2010, amid a number of bass that tipped the scales over 10 pounds at Neshoba County Lake, angler Ryan Porter had the best — and possibly the shortest — fishing trip of his life on March 27.  […]

Bass Fishing

MDWFP Rodeos spread the fun

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks knows how difficult it is to hook new fishermen, and how important it can be to provide access to anglers who no longer can fish on their own. […]


Choice lakes

Two mid-state lakes hold promise for the angler wishing for a catfish supper. Shadow Lake at Roosevelt State Park, while not technically a state lake, is managed in a very similar fashion. Park manager Andre Hollis said the better fishing was along the dam. […]


Fried catfish, Gunny style

Kenneth “Gunny” Lennington is a retired Marine Gunnery Sargent who worked in Jackson and lives in Richland, and cooks some of the best catfish you’ll ever taste. You may find more elaborate recipes, but don’t let the ease of Gunny’s catfish fool you. […]


Top bream-fishing tackle

Charles Johnson grew up as a country boy fishing bream. He cut his own cane poles from creek cane (bamboo that had escaped from cultivation).

For bait, he dug earthworms or caught black crickets. […]