Bass Fishing

Fish Maynor Creek for November bass

On Maynor Creek, a 500-acre lake near Waynesboro, bass are generally holding shallow this month. The grass breaking up makes accessible sections of the lake that have been almost inaccessible to anglers earlier in the year; you can see baitfish concentrating in the grass and be able to catch the big bass that have been holding deep in the grass earlier in the year. […]

Bass Fishing

Fish Maynor Creek in May

Maynor Creek, a 500-acre lake near Waynesboro, is a Pat Harrison Waterway District lake. One of the older lakes in that group, Maynor Creek had issues with its dam almost 10 years ago. The state pulled the water level down to repair the dam.  […]

Freshwater Fishing

Other Maynor Creek fishing options

Maynor Creek is also known for good bass action, as well as producing plenty of catfish and bream. According to Shepard, the best bets for January fishing at Maynor Creek, in order, are crappie, bass, catfish, and bream. […]

Bass Fishing

Maynor Creek Water Park

Maynor Creek Water Park, consisting of about 500 acres and located near Waynesboro, once was a very productive bass-fishing lake before going into a downturn, but it’s currently making a comeback.

Big bass are being caught again at this lake that once produced numbers of 10-pounders. The lake was drawn down several years ago to repair the dam. Because of that drawdown, the buck willows and other groves of trees flourished on what was the lake bottom. When the lake was brought back to normal pool, an abundance of cover had sprung up close to the shoreline in the shallow water. […]