Double L — What’s not to like?

Located a short 20-minute drive from Jackson is a private 400-acre spread that would be the envy of almost every outdoorsman. Named Double L after its owner Bob Lloyd, this lush land is filled with monster bucks, comfy shooting houses, big-bearded turkeys, pole-bending bass and a cozy cabin to come home to at night. It also has an outdoor fire pit, modern barn with a covered skinning rack, tool shed, horses and ATVs to ride, satellite TV to catch one’s favorite ball games when not hunting or fishing, someone to clean the deer and, best of all, a large congenial family with which to share the blessing. […]

Bass Fishing

In November, go with the Panther

Although only open for one year, Calling Panther Lake near Crystal Springs already is one of my favorite places for catching bass. Boat traffic will have decreased by this time of year, and I know I can bet on this 500-acre lake to produce bass weighing up to 7 pounds each. […]

Deer Hunting

Some ideas for your deer backpack

It’s a good thing somebody invented the ATV; otherwise, I could never get all my gear to the deer stand. Well, the guys in my deer camp don’t call me the Gadget Man for nothing. You may recall Gunsmoke episodes where the old traveling salesman would drive his wagon into town with his stock of house wares banging and clanging from the wagon. That’s me, except I use a Honda Foreman. […]


Crappie Dawg

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ed “Dawg” Weldon, known throughout the South as the Crappie Dawg of Tunica Lake, has fished Tunica for 40 years. In 1990, when Weldon retired, he started fishing Tunica even more. As a guide, he earns a portion of his living by knowing where the crappie are every month at Tunica and how to catch them. […]


Canned Laughter

According to the latest US Fish & Wildlife Service pond counts, most duck species are up from last year, and the fall flight is expected to be another large one. Some species like scaup and pintail remain below the long-term average (-33 percent and -19 percent, respectively), but most other species are showing improvement. […]


What and Where?

Any successful bowhunter will tell you that nothing can ruin a hunt quicker than ineffective stand placement and setup. And while it is more critical for the bowhunter because of the limited capabilities associated with archery gear, rifle hunters can learn a great deal by taking a peak at the bowhunter’s playbook. […]


Hot-Weather Rut

Deer hunting in hot weather stinks. Literally! Just sitting there in a tree stand with those pesky mosquitoes buzzing all around my eyes, nose and ears with the sweat beads rolling down the back of my shirt and beyond is not exactly my idea of whitetail hunting under ideal conditions. […]