Deer Hunting

WWW: Weather, wind and where to deer hunt

It seems the whole world these days is ruled by communication via initials. Electronic forms of communication via a multitude of handheld devices has created a language predicated on a series of short buzz words or sound-bite phrases reduced further to a few letters.

These letters in triples carry the meaning of the message or an exclamatory remark, such as LOL or OMG or as my daughter sums up most responses with “whatever.” Perhaps all this started with the initiation of the World Wide Web phenomenon, or the www.coms, as we have come to know it. […]

Deer Hunting

All flashes are not equal

This past week I ran by the showroom of one of my favorite hunting-products companies that, fortunately for me, happens to be headquartered about a 20-minute drive from my home. My goal was to check out their new trail camera line in person and grab two or three of their latest “black-flash” cameras to replace some of my older antiquated “red-glow” flash (so-called “infrared”) models. […]

Bass Fishing

Bet on Bogue Homa this month

Restocked about four years ago, Bogue Homa Lake is really producing a lot of bass, with a few weighing 5 to 7 pounds. Bogue Homa is about 1,000 acres with plenty of grass, lily pads and cypress trees, as well as well-defined creek channels with stumps sitting in them. […]

Bass Fishing

Back to the Future: Spotted bass are the stars on Bay Springs Lake

Although he didn’t know it at the time, Roger Stegall got a glimpse into the future while he frantically tried to find a fifth fish to finish a limit during a Red Man tournament back in 1991.

After launching at Bay Springs that morning, the Iuka-based professional bass angler ran up to Pickwick Lake to catch most of his fish.

That effort left him one fish short.

He made the 35-mile run back to Bay Springs hoping he could catch just one more bass. […]