Deer Hunting

Will the velvet trend continue?

The 2017 archery season saw an increase in the number of bucks killed with antlers still in either full velvet or at least partially covered in the hair-like membrane of skin that carries blood and nutrients to growing antlers until they are fully calcified. […]


Leupold’s VX-Freedom

If you want a scope that can stand up to whatever you dish out, then check out the new Leupold VX-Freedom. Does it boast elite optical performance at a price you can’t ignore? Of course. Can it help you unleash your rimfire rifle, dominate from any tree stand or tag out from across an open draw? Absolutely. Is it guaranteed to perform for life under the harshest conditions? You bet. […]

Deer Hunting

5 deer calibers that can’t be beat

The debate over the best rifle calibers for deer has been going on as long as hunters have been sitting around campfires. In Mississippi, the array of calibers is as wide as the beaches along the Gulf Coast. Narrowing the list to five is, well, challenging. […]


‘Draw’ your own conclusions

Much of the allure of bowhunting is the challenge it presents. Many things have to go right for a bowhunter to successfully harvest game.  First, the quarry has to be at close range and unaware of the hunter’s presence.  Then, the bow must be drawn without alerting the animal, and the shot has to be made accurately for a clean kill.  Finally, the animal must be trailed for a successful recovery.  […]