Bunny basics

According to Mississippi State University biologists, Mississippi has two types of rabbits: cottontails (or “hillbillies,” as they are known in hunting circles) and the swamp rabbit (aka the “cane cutter”). […]


It’s time to run rabbits

By every small-game hunter’s time clock, it is the rabbit-running time of year. Rabbit hunters know the woods and fields have settled down since the end of deer season. The only orange vests being worn now by most hunters across the state are out rabbit hunting. […]


Rabbits wrap up the winter season

Whoa daddy, the hunting season isn’t over yet. Now is the perfect time for some quality small-game hunting and for squirrel or rabbit hunters to dominate the woods and fields. Right now through the end of February, small-game hunters can capitalize on the best hunting conditions of the entire season. This is especially true for rabbit hunting across the Magnolia State. […]


Standin’ Around

“Get on it!” The cry rings out from the dense undergrowth laid out in front of the shadowy figure leaning slightly against a young plantation pine. Ever since daylight broke, the lone hunter has been on stand watching the cold morning world come to life. […]


The Rabbit Man

The bawl of a loudmouth beagle hot on the trail of a brush-busting cottontail or big-footed swamper is sweet music to the ears of every rabbit hunting fanatic.