Long and Short

My brother, Ron, and I pushed off from the bank of the 10-acre pond in a 14-foot john boat just as the sun brightened the eastern sky. The water’s surface was not yet discernable from the heavy morning fog that was clinging tightly to the surface and turning the surroundings into a hazy, pastel gray. […]


Extravaganza a sign summer’s over

I hate summer. It’s too hot and humid to do anything worthwhile outside, in my opinion. I don’t fish much, don’t have the patience for baseball, would rather hit my thumb with a hammer than work in the yard or a garden and the beach is for, well, terns and seagulls. […]


Bars, Tents & Cats

With a single sharp tug on the pull cord, the trusty old Mercury outboard purred to life. Not waiting for instructions from my uncle, I gently shoved the boat clear of the sandbar on Middle Ground Island. The swift current caught our 16-foot johnboat and carried it into the main channel of the river. Using the powerful outboard, my uncle swung the bow of the boat upstream and headed in the direction of our first trotline set. […]


Panfish on the Fly

With the moon shining full in the morning sky, it was prime time for catching spawning bluegills on fly tackle. My plan was to introduce my friend, Krista Carter of Vicksburg, to the exciting world of fly-fishing. And what better fish for the uninitiated fly angler than bluegills […]


Pick of the Litter

The Tennessee River, which forms Pickwick Lake, runs through Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

At this intersection, it becomes one of the most-phenomenal fishing resources, not only in Mississippi, but in the country. […]

Bass Fishing

Reading the Rez

At the crack of dawn, pro bass fisherman James Buchanan slipped his boat into the calm waters of Ross Barnett Reservoir just north of Highway 43 and headed upriver. […]


Sign ‘em Up!

As I drove across the property, it was love at first sight. The location was ideal — less than five miles outside town from my home. The habitat was a mixture of hardwoods, pine ridges, ponds, creeks, and open pasture interspersed among a network of timber islands. The place could not have been laid out better for deer hunting. […]

As Big As they Grow

Some gimmicks work, others don’t

I’ll try anything to catch a crappie. I admit it. When it comes to crappie gear, I’m a crappie-a-holic. I mean, I’m the first and sometimes the only one I know to buy and try the latest gimmick that claims to catch crappie. […]