Inshore Fishing

April a tale of two months

Many Mississippi Gulf Coast anglers consider a temperature gauge the best tool for catching fish during April. A temperature gauge will tell you the most-abundant and the easiest-to-catch fish on the Gulf Coast and the locations of those fish, and often identify the baits these April fish will prefer to eat. […]

Bass Fishing

Top methods for Columbus spawners

During April, I like to fish the Columbus Pool of the Tombigbee River because that’s when the bass usually spawn there. The bass stay very shallow, and are really accessible this month. You often can catch a nice string of good-sized bass in April at Columbus. They will be holding in all the backwater areas and around the banks. […]

Turkey Hunting

Three primo public turkey hunts

It’s April. Spring has sprung, and we are in the throes of prime time for turkey hunting. Big toms are heating up their gobbling action. Hen groups are starting to bust up a bit and separate. This is the time when a big gobbler can be coaxed into gun range with some seductive hen calls. The trick is where to go to find these gobbling toms. […]


Bergmann’s Bucks

The maddest Robin Callender ever got at a deer-hunting trade show was when a hunter from Michigan approached his booth, which displayed bucks harvested at his commercial operation in Claiborne County, and proceeded to tell him there was no way Mississippi had whitetail bucks that big. […]