Bass Fishing

In September, Barnett starts to heat up

Two different patterns always produce bass for me during September on Ross Barnett. The early September pattern is a spotted bass pattern up the river. This pattern won’t catch really big bass, but you will catch numbers of hard-fighting fish. I believe the spotted bass fights about twice as hard as a big largemouth. […]

As Big As they Grow

Get your crankbaits ready for fall

Can you believe it? It’s time to find your bird shot shells from last September and beg your way onto a dove field somewhere. It’s tradition around here, you know. Labor Day and dove hunting announce to practically every Mississippi outdoorsman that huntin’ season is here. […]


Fish finders lower learning curve to speed bump

Wandering the aisles at the annual ICAST show last month looking at next year’s fishing equipment, I realized that the convention is a window into the future in more ways than one. I’d heard about the new fish finders Lowrance was going to introduce, but their significance didn’t really hit me until I saw them running in the company’s booth. […]


Doves get everything rolling

Dove season in Mississippi can bring together an eclectic group of folks. But it is the coming together of friends, family, kids, work associates, miscellaneous acquaintances and other unknowns that makes dove hunting in the Magnolia State so special. Mississippi dove hunting is social first, then hunting second. […]


Breaking the Rules

When it comes to establishing a pattern on any of Mississippi’s well-known slab-crappie fisheries, Arkabutla is one lake that refuses to play by the rules. By the late summer, water temperatures can be at their highest of the year. […]

Bass Fishing

Autumn Turkey

Shortly after arriving at Turkey Fork Lake, University of Southern Mississippi bass team member Daniel Roberts stepped on deck, put the trolling motor down and began casting near a patch of grass. […]