Inshore Fishing

The Matrix Shad

There are sound reasons behind the growing success of one of the hottest soft plastics for saltwater and, even, freshwater fish from Biloxi, Miss., to Houma and beyond in the Sportsman’s Paradise. […]


Experts, reports indicate another crappie spawning run

All over Central and North Mississippi, there is one question on the minds of crappie fishermen — “Has the spawn come and gone, or will there be another run?”

The answer probably varies from lake to lake, but most crappie experts are saying — and the reports coming from on the water offer supporting evidence — that the best action is still ahead. […]

Events & Announcements

MDWFP making wildlife division changes

Ed Penny has announced his departure as Director of Wildlife for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks to take over the state agency’s Conservation program.

“I will become Director of Conservation Programs for MDWFP on May 1,” Penny wrote in an e-mail addressed to colleagues and friends. […]


Crappie spawn: Don’t blink, you could miss it

The first report of spawning crappie came Monday afternoon (April 15) on one particular spot on Barnett Reservoir. By Tuesday afternoon, it was over in that honey hole and Wednesday bites were tough to come by. “But we found them again, in a very similar area, about a mile up the lake,” said Joe Alford of Brandon, who fished with his son Jace. “I was in on that tremendous run between the islands Tuesday but it was over on Wednesday. […]

Deer Hunting

Field judging a buck’s age, Part II

In the March installment of Happy Trails, we looked at the topic of “aging bucks on the hoof,” paying particular attention to the possible use of certain visual geometric clues regarding the relationship of the tips of the antler beams to the eye and/or nose when viewed from the side as a way to reliably judge a given buck’s age in the field. […]