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Hall of Fame: Why not Elias?

Six deserving names will be added to the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame in Jackson Friday night, two football players, a basketball star, an athletic trainer/tennis coach, a sports publicist, and a sports broadcaster who for 16 years was the face of the state’s Sports Hall of Fame. […]

Bass Fishing

Arbogast Buzz Plug

Just when you thought you might, just might have seen it all as far as artificial lures designed to fool bass, well — you know what they said about just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. […]

Events & Announcements

Big Buck Contest

• All white-tailed deer taken legally within Mississippi during any prior hunting season are eligible to participate in the Magnolia Records Program. Only those deer taken during the 2012-2013 hunting season are eligible to participate in the Big Buck Contest. […]


Can we talk?

The National Marine Electronics Association is the organization responsible for setting standards for marine electronics, including those for communication between units. The purpose for setting communication standards is to provide a common language and wiring procedure so units and sensors from all manufacturers can talk to each other. […]

Deer Hunting

Get your strategies in order

As we transition from early to mid-summer, let’s take a look at some strategies that can really pay off next fall and winter. The hunting break between the end of spring turkey season and the beginning of fall bow season is not the time to lay back and rest if you want to maximize your results next deer season. […]