Features from December 2018

  • Backyard ducks
    Duck hunting is becoming a favorite sport for many sportsmen and sportswomen. Considering all the gear needed, it can become expensive very quickly — especially if you have to pay to access good places near flyways with good numbers of mallards and pintails. 
  • Embrace the change
    December marks transition time from fall to winter for Mississippi’s saltwater gamefish. Learn how to get in their way.
  • Float up a duck – Limit out on ducks on a Mississippi float trip
    Two things you’ll find in abundance across Mississippi this month are ducks and flowing waterways.
  • Reelin’ in the rut
    Linda Burdine Pollard sat in her favorite deer stand in north Choctaw County last year, searching for sign of a hot doe. What she heard and saw were something very different, but exactly what she was looking for: a red-hot buck. 
  • We’re in a poke — with pigs
    Unless you have lived under a rock for the past decade you know feral hogs are a problem in Mississippi. They have the highest reproduction rate of any mammal that weighs 100 pounds or more, and trying to control them is like nailing Jell-O to a creosote post. 

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