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  • Delta Lures’ Spinnerbait

    Two longtime fishing buddies couldn’t keep a good thing to themselves 7 ½ years ago, which was a blessing for bass fishermen who love to catch on quality spinnerbaits.

  • Mississippi cooking … Louisiana style
    Ricky Ruffin of Bay Springs shares a recipe for Panéed Snapper with Meunière Sauce inspired by Randolph’s restaurant in Golden Meadow, La.
  • Pay attention to the business end
    Preference in weapons, ammo and sights pales in comparison to the ability to put your shot on target when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Self-regulating bass?

    Recruitment of young fish is essential to sustained fishing. Despite the amount and intensity of management directed at largemouth bass, America’s most-popular gamefish, the relationship between the abundance of adults and their offspring has not been clearly established. Pond studies from the University of Florida shed light on this critical question. 

  • Sweat the small stuff — all the time

    As the calendar flips to September, my thoughts turn to deer and bowhunting. Archery season is already open in some places, and is about to open in many others. No matter where you hunt though, game time is imminent. 

  • Three-pronged bass approach at Lake Okhissa
    I’m concentrating on 1,075-acre Lake Okhissa this month, since it is home to plenty of vegetation and numbers of big bass. September often is a tricky month to fish for bass; baitfish are starting to move into shallow water — with bass following them — and the vegetation is breaking up some, which means more areas will be available to fish than in the summer. My favorite lures will be surface lures, frogs and punch baits.

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