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  • Bass hearing
    Sound detection is an effective sense for bass detecting their environment. Here’s how they hear, what they hear, what they don’t hear — and why it matters.
  • Fish Bogue Homa in September
    September is the month where grass begins to die and bass fishermen at Lake Bogue Homa can put their lures where they may not have been able to all summer.
  • Nose-hooked soft jerkbaits
    Try nose-rigged soft-plastic jerkbaits when speckled trout aren’t responding to traditional offerings. It can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Pencil Poppers
    This fisherman has been smiling ever since Cotton Cordell Lures downsized one of his favorite artificial lures for speckled trout: the Pencil Popper.
  • The axis of bow accuracy
    Many archers still don’t realize how critical it is to properly level all three axes of their bow’s sight. Failure to do so can result in severe misses.
  • Venison sausage on a stick
    While it’s still very hot and humid, fall and hunting seasons are upon us. The calendar still shows several weeks of summer left, and Labor Day isn’t far off, with fall officially beginning a few weeks after that.

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