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Make your mark by catching record-breaking saltwater fish

Think you may have caught a record fish on your last trip to the coast? Looking to add your name to sport-fishing history? Well, the procedure to get a record certified in the Magnolia State is straightforward, as long as you follow a few rules and stick to a few tricks of the trade.

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources has been the caretaker of state saltwater records since 1994. Previously records were kept by the MDWFP dating back nearly a hundred years. As of 2010, 122 species of saltwater fish are being tracked for conventional tackle. […]


Saltwater fishing off the charts on the Mississippi coast

After a one-two punch of Deep-water Horizon oil spill and the freshwater inundation of the Gulf following extreme springs flooding of the Mississippi river, the stage was set for lackluster expectations for saltwater anglers. These expectations, however, have been gratefully upset by several record catches along the state’s coast.

Starting the year off in a big way as Steve Atwood and crew hauled aboard a huge wahoo in Mississippi waters. The beast, which the charter crew estimated by measurement to range from 124 to 130 pounds, took more than 24 hours to be weighed on certified scales. […]


700-pound blue marlin takes Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic

Since 1998, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic has been bringing in the big ones. Its 13th annual tournament was this past weekend (June 11-12), and four marlin brought to the scales – three of those weighing over 535 pounds.

“Four blue marlin on a Friday night is something special for any bill fish tournament,” tournament spokesman Scott Rossman told Mississippi Sportsman. […]

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Biloxi piers provide great fishing opportunities

The Harrison County port resort city of Biloxi is well known for its casinos, Beauvoir, and for being the setting for a number of John Gresham novels. What is not as well known about the city is that it is in the heart of the “Fertile Fisheries Crescent” of the northern Gulf of Mexico and that from more than a half dozen prime spots, a saltwater angler can stand on shore and capture any number of prime game fish without ever getting their feet wet. […]