Deer Hunting

How to invade a buck’s core territory

Once the primary and secondary ruts wind down, worn out bucks retreat to their main residence area and into the core center of that zone. This is their most secret, comfortable, safe, hiding sanctuary, where they can rest, recover, eat, and build their energies back to normal. […]

Deer Hunting

Try rice bran for attracting deer

It’s a fact, if there is a best double cheeseburger out there hungry people are going to find it. They may have plenty to eat at home, but just the idea of a great snack being available is going to lure them into to checking it out. If it’s that good, they’ll be back, too. […]


Creatures of habit — Tips for patterning deer

“Pattern” is a term often used in the outdoors, especially as it relates to hunting and fishing.

Webster’s has several definitions, but one hits a bulls-eye when as it applies to white-tailed deer: “a composite of traits or features characteristic of an individual, such as in behavioral patterns.” 



Hunting bucks in the barriers

Hunters take few deer, especially mature trophy bucks, standing broadside in wide-open spaces. We probably harvest a majority of our meat locker does in open food plots out in plain sight, but not usually the bucks.  […]

Deer Hunting

Scouting: There’s an app for that

I am a bit behind the proverbial 8-ball when it comes to cutting edge technologies applied to deer hunting. I still use my flip phone if I need to call home from deer camp, but I am increasingly being by my hunting mates. […]


Scouting simplification

Scouting the illusive white-tailed deer buck has changed rather dramatically over the past couple of decades, from more of an art to a science, thanks to technology and the new strategies that it has created. […]