Deer Hunting

Give a big-bore gun a chance this season

The rifle was removed from its case long before dawn. The rich, walnut stock showed the wear of a 146-year-old gun. The U.S. Springfield 1873 Trapdoor is not what many would consider a good whitetail gun. Indeed, the 400-grain, .45-70 caliber, bullet is a bit heavy for most hunters, with small, fast projectiles all the rage. […]


5 deer calibers that can’t be beat

The debate over the best rifle calibers for deer has been going on as long as hunters have been sitting around campfires. In Mississippi, the array of calibers is as wide as the beaches along the Gulf Coast. Narrowing the list to five is, well, challenging. […]

Field Notes

Dos and don’ts when the warden arrives

The words “game warden” often ring fear into the hearts of sportsmen, but they don’t need to if you’re obeying fish and game laws. Discussions with three wildlife officers who have 40 years experience resulted in these ideas about how to do the right thing when you’re approached in the woods or on the water.  […]

Field Notes

5 calls for turkey hunters

Charles Hudson carries so many calls in vest that he “can barely walk around.”

But asked to choose which ones he would carry if he could carry only five, Hudson recommended taking only the ones you are most proficient with. […]