Creek hunting strategies

Mississippi is blessed with an abundance of smaller rivers and creeks that wind their way across the state. These waterways provide plenty of waterfowl resting and feeding grounds to both resident populations and those making more southerly migrations. […]


A typical day of hunting wood ducks

A typical day of chasing woodies with the author starts out a blind he’s constructed at a favorite, abandoned farm pond in the middle of some big timber. It has a beaver dam across the spillway and cypress trees growing on the shallow end.  […]


Backyard ducks

Duck hunting is becoming a favorite sport for many sportsmen and sportswomen. Considering all the gear needed, it can become expensive very quickly — especially if you have to pay to access good places near flyways with good numbers of mallards and pintails.  […]


Decoy spread details

Larry Reynolds criss-crosses the Louisiana coastline multiple times each fall — cruising at 100 knots with a bird’s-eye view from just 125 feet up, estimating the number of ducks that have arrived in the state’s ag fields and coastal marshes. […]