Field Notes

Scouting for teal

As some early migrating blue-winged teal are already arriving in the Magnolia State, hunters are gearing up to chase the feathered rockets. […]


Teal season opens Saturday

Last Saturday, first day of dove season, just as it gets light enough to see across the Delta, I spotted movement in the sky to the west. Three black dots were cruising above the corn, getting larger by the second. […]


Teal season set Sept. 12-27

Last week, federal waterfowl officials announced another banner year of blue-winged teal production, estimating over 8.5 million birds in the population, representing a slight increase over last year and 73 percent higher than the 50-year average. […]


Teal season Sept. 13-28

A continued abundance of blue-winged teal in the annual waterfowl survey should mean another good September season for Mississippi hunters who pursue the earliest migratory duck. […]


Mississippi’s early teal season set to open

The fall’s first duck hunting opportunity for Mississippi will begin when the early teal season opens on Sept. 15. Blue-winged teal prefer shallowly-flooded wetlands with natural vegetation like wild millets and smartweed, which produce seeds and harbor invertebrates, but concentrations of birds may also be found on reservoirs, oxbow lakes, catfish ponds, farm ponds and other permanent waters. […]