Bait-Up container makes toting minnows easy

Anglers who like to fish with live minnows but don’t like to drag along a bucket — especially if they’re wading or fishing from a kayak or other paddle boat — will feel like somebody is thinking about them with the introduction of the Bait-Up live bait container.

The cylindrical container comes in two sizes — 20 and 35 ounces — and can hold up to two dozen minnows. Each container comes with a special lid that allows you to exchange stale water for fresh water as needed without losing any bait. When the lid is removed, a plastic mesh basket that rides on the bottom of the cylinder floats to the top filled with minnows. This allows anglers to remove bait without the need for a dip net, or digging their fingers into a minnow bucket and risking losing other baits.

A lanyard attached to the lid can be clipped onto your belt for easy carry, or onto the rigging of your kayak for a weekend float trip.

MSRP for the Bait-Up 20 is $19.95, and $24.95 for the Bait-Up 35.

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