Scouting new water: It’s for the birds

After finding spawning shad on Lake Okatibbee, John Temple caught this spawned-out female largemouth.

When Brock Mosley hits new water for the first time, he scouts … for birds.

“When I’m going to a new lake in April I’m going to spend some of my practice time driving the boat around the lake just looking for birds,” Mosley said. “The birds will tell the secret about where the shad are, especially when they’re spawning.”

Spending time covering water and finding those white birds and shad will give an angler more time to actually fish and determine what type of bass might be in the area. When time is at a premium for the pro angler or the weekend warrior, even a little time saved may mean the difference between a check and live well full of bass or going home empty handed.

“After you find an area with those birds, the shad are really easy to see,” Mosley said. “You’ll see them flicking the water and flipping up on the pads and grass. Once you find them then you need to take advantage of the shad spawn because it won’t last all day. Only a couple hours and it will be over.”

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Mike Giles of Meridian has been hunting and fishing Mississippi since 1965. He is an award-winning wildlife photographer, writer, seminar speaker and guide.

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